The Bachelor of Arts in Music with Music Composition emphasis is tailored to help the individual composer develop their career within the context of the professional marketplace. Areas of focus include modern scoring and arranging technology, contemporary sensibilities with a strong foundation in time-tested compositional methodology, music for media, and scoring for the concert hall and the symphony orchestra. 

The Bachelor of Arts in Music with Music Composition emphasis requires completion of the following 120 credit hours:
General Education (48 credit hours)
Music Core (55 credit hours)
Electives Core (17 credit hours)

Additional Information

  • Those selecting the music composition major must take course Musical Perspectives as part of the general education requirements.

  • course From Sight to Sound - Music Fundamentals is a prerequisite for entrance into course Music Theory I: Elements of Music.

  • course Music Convocation is required for all music majors each semester at CCU (up to 8 semesters).

  • Piano and Piano Class requirements vary in order to pass Piano Proficiency. Students must take course Piano Class I AND course Piano Class II OR course Piano in consecutive semesters until course Piano Proficiency is passed.

  • Only one ensemble credit each semester counts toward the requirements for the major.

  • Suggested electives to include with the B.A. Music Composition: course Music Production and Engineering I and course Music Production and Engineering II.