School of Behavioral and Social Sciences (CAGS)

The School of Behavioral and Social Sciences includes the Associate of Arts (AA) in General Studies and Communication Studies, the Associate of Science (AS) in Criminal Justice and Psychology, the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication Studies and Creative Writing, the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Applied Psychology and Criminal Justice degrees, the American History, Communication Studies, Mathematics, and Psychology minors, and the Master of Science (MS) in Criminal Justice and Psychology.

The program major examines theories in psychology through the integration of a biblical worldview.  Major theories in psychology are evaluated through a Christian perspective that challenges students to apply psychological principles to grow personally and in their professional competencies. The BS in Applied Psychology prepares students for careers in psychology, counseling, social work, and other related fields. Job options for bachelor’s level graduates include, but are not limited to, paraprofessionals in clinics and hospitals, case workers in social services, educational aides, staff in residential treatment centers and staff in church and parachurch ministries. 

The program major provides a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and practical application in communication studies, exploring interpersonal communication, small group communication, and organizational communication. The Communication Studies major prepares students for careers in business, service-providing industries, human resources, broadcasting, telecommunications, public advocacy, and governmental agencies.

The program major provides students with an opportunity to learn techniques of descriptive writing for both fiction and nonfiction audiences. The program also covers the challenges and opportunities that authors encounter as they develop, publish, and market their projects. Students also learn the structure and functions of various public and private publishing entities as well as the demands of audiences that make up the publishing industry and its diverse markets. Students learn ways to foster a Christian voice in the field of creative writing.

The program major is offered at the associate, baccalaureate and masters level. They provide a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and practical application in criminal justice. Students are specifically prepared for careers in law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole, community protection, and various governmental and non-profit roles. Students pursuing a career in criminal justice and its sister fields will have the coursework they need to understand and contribute to criminal justice in our modern society.

The program program at Colorado Christian University is designed to equip advanced practitioners and future leaders with a well-balanced foundation of knowledge, skills, and critical thinking ability. Students complete courses from each of the following categories: ethics, decision-making, and leadership; contemporary social problems and solutions; investigations; and constitutional law.

The program allows students the ability to choose from a number of career and educational options upon graduation. These include further graduate studies at the doctoral level, as well as potential employment in the following areas: human resources, talent management, behavior analyst, consultant, research analyst, law enforcement/probation officer, victim advocate, juvenile offender counselor, caseworker, teacher, curriculum designer, educational consultant, and school counselor.


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