The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Applied Psychology is an undergraduate degree that explores major domains and theories in the field of psychology. The major coursework includes a cohesive integration of biblical principles evaluating course content through a Christian worldview.  This major provides foundational understanding in prominent psychology research domains such as human development and cognition, personal and social interactions, and behavioral patterns in health, stress, and sickness. A concentrated application of psychological principles and reflection on real-life experiences helps students grow personally, spiritually, and professionally toward psychological competencies; learning transformational habits in compassionate living and sharing the abundant life in Christ.

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology offers four separate degree emphasis options from which to choose:

  • Applied Psychology: non-emphasis track
  • Applied Psychology: with an emphasis in Clinical Counseling
  • Applied Psychology: with an emphasis in Biblical Studies
  • Applied Psychology: with an emphasis in Criminal Justice

Students enrolled in one of the emphases programs above must satisfactorily complete 60 credit hours toward the undergraduate degree requirements before registering for the graduate emphasis coursework. The emphasis coursework fulfills 12 credits toward the undergraduate degree. To satisfy graduate program course requirements in the Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, students with an emphasis in Clinical Counseling must earn a letter grade of B- or better in the master's level courses taken in their undergraduate degree. (Cum GPA and letter grade requirements for the undergraduate degree remain the same.) Admissions to the respective master's program is not guaranteed. All admissions requirements of the chosen master's degree must be fulfilled. Information on admissions to respective master's programs can be found on the CCU admissions page.

Upon completion of any of the four (4) Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology programs listed above, students are prepared for careers in psychology and other related fields. Job options for bachelor's level graduates include, but are not limited to, paraprofessionals in clinics and hospitals, caseworkers in social and justice services, educational aides, staff in residential treatment centers, and staff in church and parachurch ministries.

In addition to the psychology major courses, students complete general education and elective courses (listed below) for a total of 120 credit hours. Students interested in the field of psychology may choose to begin their study with the AS in Psychology. For a list of these course requirements, please see the Associate of Science: Psychology. Students who complete the AS in Psychology must still complete all General Education requirements for the BS in Applied Psychology. CCU Student Service Advisors help students identify which option best suits their educational goals.

Applied Psychology major courses are offered online, providing maximum flexibility to study at convenient times and places. General education and electives may be completed within five semesters, and major coursework for the Bachelor's degree can be completed over four semesters.

Prior college, military, technical credits, and experiential learning credit can be used toward the BS degree. Students may transfer in a maximum of 90 credit hours (75% of the degree requirements).  This accelerated program allows for greater freedom in meeting course requirements that fit the unique scheduling needs of working adults.

All Bachelor of Science programs in Applied Psychology require completion of 120 hours in the following:
General Education (39 hours)
Applied Psychology Major (36 hours)
Electives (45 hours)