The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication Studies provides a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and practical application in communication studies taught from an evangelical Christian worldview. Students explore the role of effective communication skills, including interactive communication, small group communication, and operational communications. Students also examine the role of technology, including social media, in the field of communication. Each course in the degree applies theory to practice, giving students opportunities to implement what they learn. Finally, the degree also examines the legal and ethical aspects of the field of communication related to common law and statutes.

CCU's distinctive curriculum integrates biblical principles and ethical considerations with communication studies course content, which prepares students spiritually and academically for careers in business, service-providing industries, human resources, broadcasting, telecommunications, public advocacy, and agencies of municipal, state, and national governments.

In addition to courses required for the Communication Studies major, students complete a selection of General Education and Elective courses, listed below. Students interested in the field of communications may choose to begin their study with the AA in Communication Studies. For a list of these course requirements, please see the Associate of Arts: Communication Studies. Students who complete the AA in Communication Studies must still complete all General Education requirements for the BA in Communication Studies. 

Communication Studies major courses are offered online only, providing maximum flexibility to study at convenient times and places. General Education and Electives can be completed within five semesters, and major coursework for the Bachelor's degree can be completed over four semesters. CCU Student Service Advisors help students identify which option best suits their educational goals.

Prior college, military, technical college, and experiential learning credits can be used toward the BA degree. Students may transfer in a maximum of 90 credit hours (75% of the degree requirements). This accelerated program allows for greater freedom in meeting course requirements that fit the unique scheduling needs of working adults.

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies requires completion of the following 120 hours:
General Education Core (39 hours)
Communication Studies Major Core (36 hours)
Elective Requirements (45 hours)