In the History major, students develop a broad understanding of the great tradition of Western intellectual, political, religious, and cultural history. Emphasis is placed on historical knowledge and the skill of evaluating competing narratives of the past.  The program is designed to also assist students in developing a Christian perspective of history. Upon graduation, students are prepared to pursue graduate studies in history, law, politics, theology, as well as a variety of careers that involve research, analysis, writing, politics, education, journalism, business, and leadership.

Graduates of the History major will be able to:

1. Articulate an understanding of the significant historical trends, events, and developments within Western Civilization.

2. Demonstrate a broad knowledge of important events, persons, developments, and interpretations of American history.

3. Compare and contrast various philosophies of history and schools of historical interpretation.

4. Conduct independent historical research, primary source analysis, and historical writing.

5. Develop a Christian philosophy of history and an understanding of the implications of Christianity for the study of history.

Students interested in teaching history in a public school setting may earn an endorsement for program by completing the History major and the appropriate requirements of the School of Education.

The Bachelor of Arts in History requires completion of the following 120 credits:
General Education Core (48 credit hours)
History Major Core (33 credit hours)
Electives (39 credit hours)