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CUS Admission Information

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Applicants to the College of Undergraduate Studies (CUS) are evaluated on the basis of previous academic performance, personal and professional goals, character, and Christian commitment. A strong desire to participate in a Christ-centered, biblically based education is important. Some programs may include additional admission requirements. Students who are admitted to the College of Undergraduate Studies agree to abide by the University policies and codes of conduct.

The minimum age requirement for College of Undergraduate Studies courses is 17 years old by the start date of the first class. Exceptions to this minimum age requirement will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Nondiscrimination Policy

Colorado Christian University does not discriminate in the admission of students on the basis of gender, race, age, national or ethnic origin, or disability. 

Application to the College of Undergraduate Studies

The application process at Colorado Christian University is a personal one. Each applicant is assigned an enrollment counselor to work with throughout the application and enrollment process. Our admission process is selective. We seek students who have the potential to succeed academically and who want to grow spiritually. When making an admission decision, we will carefully consider the completed application, course selection in high school or college, high school or college grades, ACT, SAT, or CLT scores, completed essays, and a spiritual recommendation. In some cases, an academic recommendation may be required. (The ACT, SAT, and CLT scores are optional for the 2022-23 academic year.)

Application Deadlines

Fall Regular Application

The Admission staff and Admission Review Committee evaluate completed applications for admission acceptance on a rolling basis. Applications for the fall semester must be submitted by April 1 for priority consideration for scholarships and financial aid. The Admission Office will continue to review applications until enrollment capacity is reached.

Spring Semester and Summer Options

Applications for spring semester are due November 1, and applications for summer sessions can be submitted until the first day of classes. 

Additional Instructions for International Students

  • International transcripts must be evaluated by a credential evaluation service such as World Education Services Inc. in New York or another CCU approved agency.

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores must be submitted by students whose first language is not English. A minimum internet based score of 80, or paper-based score of 550, is recommended.

  • International students must demonstrate their ability to pay for at least one year of college expenses as a condition of admission. Additional information and forms are available from the Admissions Office.

  • International students must not plan on earnings from employment in the United States to pay their college expenses, nor should they anticipate large amounts of financial aid or scholarships. Students who are admitted on a student (F-1) visa must stay enrolled for at least twelve semester hours of credit for one semester. Off-campus employment requires the permission of United States Immigration authorities. International students may be eligible for merit-based scholarship, but are not eligible for federal awards. Colorado Christian University will not attempt to secure external funds for international applicants.

  • For further requirements and explanation of the process, please review the Admission Application International Students page. 


A student who has not completed a course at CCU for 12 months or more must reapply for admission to the University by submitting a brief form to update their file. A student who has not been enrolled for 12 months or more must complete a degree program under the regulations published in the catalog that is in effect at the time of readmission. If the student has attended another institution, official transcripts of that coursework must be submitted. Students who were dismissed for disciplinary reasons may be asked to meet additional requirements for readmission and should contact the office of the Vice President for Student Development for information. Students who have been dismissed for academic reasons must meet all requirements as stated in the Catalog and may return only with the permission of the Life Directions Center Director. Readmitted students are required to pay the tuition deposit to confirm their intent to enroll.

Tuition Deposit

Applicants who are admitted to Colorado Christian University and who plan to enroll must submit a nonrefundable tuition deposit. The deposit must be submitted before a student may register for classes. The tuition deposit will be applied to tuition charges for the first semester of classes. 

On-Campus Housing

Because residential living is viewed by the University as an integral part of a student's complete educational experience, full-time (12 credit hours or more), unmarried freshman and sophomore students (under the age of 21) taking courses in the College of Undergraduate Studies (traditional program) are required to reside on campus and take meals on campus through the University food service plans.

In addition to the tuition deposit, a housing deposit is required for students who will live in University housing. On-campus housing contracts apply to the entire academic year. If a student is leaving at semester break, a Housing Contract Release Request must be submitted and approved by December 1st in order to avoid spring housing and dining charges. After the first two weeks of the semester, housing and/or meal plan charges will not be reimbursed.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Students interested in receiving financial assistance must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students who plan to apply for financial aid or scholarships are strongly encouraged to submit the financial aid application before April 1 for priority consideration.

High school seniors who identify CCU as one of their top choice colleges should consider the Preferred Admission program. Students who have applied for the fall semester, been admitted to CCU, and have submitted a $150 tuition deposit by December 1 are eligible to receive preferred admission incentives.

Services for Students with Disabilities

The University does not consider an individual's disability when making admissions decisions. Thus, the University will not impose or apply admission or eligibility criteria that screen out or might screen in individuals based on their disability. Students with disabilities desiring to enroll at the University must be able to meet the minimum admissions standards of the University. Prospective students with disabilities are not required to identify themselves to the Admissions Office or the Life Directions Center.

The University does not engage in affirmative action programs for disabled students. It is within the student's discretion to inform the Admissions Office of a disability. If the choice is made, the University will not discriminate against the student on the basis of the disability and will make reasonable accommodations when necessary and appropriate.

The University encourages students with disabilities to request academic accommodations and housing accommodations if appropriate. Contact the Life Directions Center for the procedure on requesting academic accommodations and the Office of Residence Life for special accommodations for housing. 

Academic Placement

ACT and/or SAT test scores will be used to place students in appropriate mathematics and English courses. Advanced Placement (AP) exam results will also be considered.

Admission Standing

Admission to the University is selective. Following a careful review of the application for admission, a first-year or transfer student will be admitted with either a Full or Conditional standing.

Conditional Admittance

Upon recommendation of the Director of Admission and the Admission Review Committee, some students may be admitted conditionally (CAD). Students admitted conditionally enter on a probationary status and must adhere to the Conditions of Probation (see CUS Academic Policies). The policy includes but is not limited to: being limited to enrolling in 12-13 hours of credit during their first semester at CCU, adhering to the Accountability Contract they develop with their Life Directions Center Advisor, and registering for a 1-credit hour College Success course. In addition, conditionally admitted students must not earn more than one grade below a C- (including W, FW, FX, and F), and must earn a 2.0 or above grade point average by the end of their first semester at CCU. (NOTE: as part of these 12-13 credit hours, first-time freshman students are required to enroll in Freshmen Year Integration-FYI, a 3 credit hour course that focuses on academic resources and success skills.)

At the end of the student's first semester, academic progress will be reviewed by the Academic Review Committee to determine whether the student has successfully met the requirements outlined above and can be moved from conditional status to regular standing status. Failure to meet the following conditions - earning a 2.0 or above grade point average, adhering to the Accountability Contract, more than one course with a grade below C-, and non-participation in the College Success course - will result in the student being academically suspended.