This program provides students with a study of supply chain management and logistics (SCM), the backbone of business around the world. SCM is the study of the processes of physical distribution and supply in domestic and international settings, including purchasing and inbound logistics, handling, warehousing, inventory and financial controls, and transportation. Subjects are integrated with a Christ-centered perspective enabling students to demonstrate excellence in the workplace and in their lives beyond the classroom. The AS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is designed to give students the foundation courses for careers in manufacturing, retailing, carrier/transportation services, warehouse operations, and purchasing or transportation manager. The 15 hours of major coursework, as well as the general education and elective hours, may be transferred to the program degree at Colorado Christian University.

The AS requires a total of 60 credit hours for graduation, which includes 33 credit hours of general education, 15 credit hours of SCM major core courses, and 12 hours of elective credit. Prior college, military, and technical credits can be used toward the AS degree. Students may transfer in a maximum of 45 credit hours (75% of the AS degree requirements). Students may take a maximum of 15 credit hours of 300 and 400 level courses in the AS degree program.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

The Associate of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management requires completion of the following 60 credit hours:
General Education (33 hours)
Logistics and Supply Chain Management Major (15 hours)
Electives (12 hours)