This program provides students with an in-depth study of supply chain management and logistics (SCM), the backbone of business around the world. SCM is the study of the processes of physical distribution and supply in domestic and international settings, including purchasing and inbound logistics, handling, warehousing, inventory and financial controls, transportation, reverse logistics, negotiations and quality control. An overview of design and decision-modeling and international supply chain management is included. A selection of business courses provides a framework for understanding how SCM integrates all the functions of business into an efficient flow of goods and services to reduce costs and deliver customer satisfaction. 

Subjects are integrated with a Christ-centered perspective enabling students to demonstrate excellence in the workplace and in their lives beyond the classroom. The BS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is designed for students who are interested in a career in manufacturing, retailing, carrier/transportation services in a variety of roles, including positions such as logistician, supply chain analyst, warehouse operations, and purchasing or transportation manager.

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management degree requires completion of the following 120 hours:
General Education Core (45 hours)
Foundations Core (6 hours)
Major Core (30 hours)
Electives (39 hours)