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Sacred Music and Literature Minor (CUS)


College of Undergraduate Studies


School of Music

The Minor in Sacred Music and Literature constitutes an interdisciplinary course of study in Christian aesthetics, art and music history, poetry, and liturgical practice. The program provides students with the opportunity to integrate their studies in theology, history, music, art, and literature with broader aspects and trends in the church and the world. Through a carefully selected series of classes from various schools in the college, and culminating in two semesters of unique interdisciplinary seminars, students will go beyond their initial exposure through the general education core, studying each art form and its history in the context of the church in-depth. The minor culminates in a publicly presented research project, demonstrating students' readiness to serve the church, pursue graduate study if desired, and communicate effectively with the world.

Students may earn a minor in the field by completing 18 credit hours (courses vary depending on area of major study).

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