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English, BA (CUS)

Bachelor of Arts


College of Undergraduate Studies


School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The English major provides excellent pre-professional preparation to pursue careers in writing and journalism and for graduate study. The major offers students an opportunity to explore the various genres and rich heritage of English literature, to develop advanced skills in creative and expository writing, interpretation and literary criticism, listening, and oral communication, and to understand the history and structure of the English language.

Graduates of the English Major will be able to:

1. Read critically and analyze texts across a variety of genres in papers that feature clear, substantive, correct, and logical English

2. Master the core content of American, British, and World literature and locate individual literary texts and authors in the context of historical literary development

3. Create poetry, fiction, and non-fiction works with imagination and purpose

4. Define and accurately employ common terms of literary criticism and theory and describe the development of the language and field of English

5. Discern Christian elements and implications of literary works, including in student's own creative writing

6. Articulate analytical processes in clear, substantive, and logical oral presentations

Students interested in teaching English may earn an endorsement for Secondary English/Language Arts Licensure Program: BA English by completing the English major and the appropriate requirements of the School of Education.

The Bachelor of Arts in English requires completion of the following 120 credits:
General Education Core (48 credit hours)
English Major Core (42 credit hours)
Electives (30 credit hours)

Please note: ENG 201 - Introduction to Literature is not an option for English majors within the General Education Requirements.

Program Type

Bachelor's Degree