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Contemporary Music Minor (CUS)


College of Undergraduate Studies


School of Music

The Contemporary Music Minor augments curricular offerings at CCU to include specific studies in contemporary music. The minor allows students a real-world music industry experience and prepares college-age students for careers in the entertainment industry, challenging them to live out their faith as Christ-followers.

Students must apply for and be accepted in the Contemporary Music Center (CMC) in Nashville, Tennessee. Space is limited. The CMC semester away program is a division of Greenville University and fully accredited. Students from all majors are invited to apply; no prior experience is required. All CMC course tuition and fees are paid directly to CMC. CCU academic scholarships cannot be applied to tuition charges for off-campus enrollment. The CCU residency requirement for a minor is not applicable to the Contemporary Music Minor.

Students choose one of three tracks and may earn the minor by completing the following 18 credit hours. For the latest syllabi information, please go to the Courses & Credits page on CMC website and download the Artist, Business, or Technical track syllabi.

Required Courses (18 credit hours)

Required Core (9 credit hours)

  • course Digital Music Sequencing (2)

  • Courses offered by the Contemporary Music Center

    • Faith, Music & Culture (3)

    • Inside the Music Industry (3)

    • Practicum: Road Tour (1)

Emphasis Track (9 credit hours)

Students choose one of the following tracks for 9 credit hours. All courses are offered by the Contemporary Music Center.

Artist Track

  • Essentials of Songwriting (3)

  • Studio Recording (3)

  • Performance (3)

Business Track

  • Strategic Management (3)

  • Music Business Survey (3)

  • Advance Media Marketing (3)

Technical Track

  • Advanced Studio Recording (3)

  • Audio Engineering (3)

  • Concert Production (3)

Program Type