For over a century, biblical archaeology has proven to be a fruitful branch of study as archaeologists have shed light on the people and places of the Bible. Ruins, artifacts, inscriptions, and other remains help us understand the historical and cultural world in which the biblical events unfolded and out of which the Bible itself was written. The Biblical Archaeology Minor deepens student understanding of the Bible through a study of archaeology and historical geography, equips students to approach the archaeological evidence from a biblical worldview, provides an apologetic for the reliability of the Bible, and trains students in archaeological field work.

The Biblical Archaeology minor includes coursework completed on campus and participation in excavations in the Middle East or the Mediterranean basin. The minor is an introduction to graduate studies in archaeology for those who wish to pursue a career in this field. 

Students may earn a minor in the field by completing the 18 credit hours listed under the 'Program Requirements' tab.