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Cyber Security, BS (CAGS)


College of Adult and Graduate Studies


School of Business and Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security equips students with the required technical skills and applied business knowledge to protect themselves, business, and organizational critical assets from known target vectors using practical and theoretical frameworks for computing security principles. Students receive a practical approach to security design concepts, security development theory, and secure design for key computer system assets. Students are immersed in foundational knowledge in the study of key areas in the Cyber Security field to secure the workplace as well as personal assets by using offensive/defensive strategies and policy design and development. System solutions are designed using software applications that can learn and adapt semi-autonomously (i.e. machine learning). Students participate in a capstone project in the final course to apply the use of computational methods to problem solve specific objectives. In addition to gaining foundational knowledge in the key areas of the field, the program shows the relationship between Cyber Security and Christian principles.

The Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security requires completion of the following 120 credit hours:
General Education Core  (43 hours)
Cyber Security Fundamentals Core (30 hours)
Cyber Security Major Core (36 hours)
Electives (11 hours)

Program Type

Bachelor's Degree