The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy prepares students through technical and applied knowledge for accounting careers in all industries. Demand for accounting graduates continues to be strong and has been stable even during economic downturns.

The program in accountancy focuses on the following:

  • Financial Accounting:
    Demonstrating effective application of GAAP for business enterprises, not-for-profit organizations, and governmental entities.

  • Auditing:
    Demonstrating effective knowledge of auditing procedures and application of GAAS in attestation engagements.

  • Taxation & Law::
    Demonstrating application of knowledge pertaining to federal taxation, ethics, professional and legal responsibilities, Sarbanes-Oxley, and business law.

  • Analytics & Systems:
    Developing efficacy in a variety of data analytical approaches for creating insights and visualizations; and developing an ability to structure and evaluate accounting systems.

  • Integration of Faith and Learning:
    Students will integrate program concepts and a biblical perspective to impact their worlds for Christ.

These objectives are designed for professionals entering the fields of accounting and finance and to prepare students to develop rewarding careers in public accounting, banking, corporate finance/accounting, management, governmental entities, and education administration, among others.

Major coursework for the degree can be completed over five to six semesters. All classes are taught through online instruction to provide more flexibility for students wherever they are.

The Accountancy degree requires completion of 120 hours structured as:
General Education Core  (42 hours)
Essential Business Core (21 hours)
Major Core (39 hours)
Electives (18 hours)