The Bachelor of Science in Business degree is a highly integrated program that incorporates business fundamentals with an emphasis on ethical leadership. Key business principles, including enterprise agility, entrepreneurship and marketing data analytics, are combined with real-world applications. The broad base of knowledge covered provides students with the skills they need to succeed in their chosen profession in a dynamic market environment.

Students have options to choose either the undergraduate or the equivalent graduate courses in leadership and in ethics. For leadership, students can choose course - Leadership and Management or either course - Leadership and Management (from the program program) or course - Organizational Leadership - Theory and Practice (from the program program). For ethics, students can choose either course - Beyond Integrity - Business Ethics for the 21st Century Organizational Leader or course - Values-Aligned Leadership (in both the MBA and MOL). Students may transfer those graduate courses into the MBA or MOL should they decide to go on for their graduate degrees.

The student who majors in Business may choose the comprehensive general business major or one of two emphases: Entrepreneurship or International Business. All programs require the 18 credit hours in the Foundations Core.

In addition to courses required for the major, all students must complete a selection of General Education courses, see below.

Classes are taught in seminar format. Selected degree coursework is enhanced with online Internet instruction that provides greater flexibility in completing assignments outside the classroom.

The Business degree requires completion of the following 120 hours:
General Education Core (42 hours)
Business Foundations Core (18 hours)
Major Core (39 hours)
Electives (21 hours)