Academic Catalog 2023-2024 
    Nov 30, 2023  
Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Computer Information Systems Major

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The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Computer Information Systems is designed for students seeking careers as information systems professionals. The CIS major emphasizes practical application of classroom learning through individual and group lab experiences as well as praxis projects with real-world clients. With a strong emphasis on technology solutions for business, the CIS major offers a distinctive balance between technical challenges and managerial issues. CIS majors master the standard business core courses in addition to their technical skills. Technological emphasis is placed on a variety of modern programming languages, data structures, distributed data processing, database management, networks and data communications, and information systems organization and design. Each CIS course is intended to prepare students to take a specific industry recognized certification exam covering the topics taught in that course.

By carefully selecting 500-level elective credits, computer information systems students can also earn up to 15 credit hours toward their CCU Master of Business Administration  degree while finishing their undergraduate computer information systems degree at no additional cost or time to graduation.

The Computer Information Systems Major requires completion of the following 120 credit hours:
General Education (48 credit hours)
Business Core (34 credit hours)
CIS Major Requirements (27 credit hours)
Electives (11 credit hours)

Business and Leadership General Education Core (48 credit hours)

Arts and Humanities (9 credit hours)

Take one course from each of the following three academic disciplines:

Fine Arts (3 credit hours)

Choose one course from the following:

Philosophy (3 credit hours)

Biblical Studies (12 credit hours)

Take the following four courses (some courses are cross-listed and only one prefix needs to be taken):

Integrative Studies (3 credit hours)

* Please see the First-Year Integration (FYI)  page for specific information about this required course.

Social Sciences (12 credit hours)

Take each of the following four courses:

Computer Information Systems Major (61 credit hours)

Graduation Requirements for Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

The faculty recommends students in the B.S. in Computer Information Systems to the Board of Trustees as candidates for graduation when they have completed the following requirements.

  1. Completion of a total of 120 credits, including all general education, electives, and major core requirements.
  2. A letter grade of D or better and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better in all CCU coursework, and a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher for all Computer Information Systems major program courses.
  3. Completion of 180 hours of ministry/community service and 180 chapel credits. Transfer students are required to complete 45 hours of ministry/community service and 45 chapel credits each year of attendance at CCU. For further details on ministry/community service, see the Life Directions Center (LDC)  section of this catalog. For further details on chapel credits, see the Student Life  section of this catalog.
  4. Meet the CCU Residency requirements 
  5. Acceptable performance on exit exams, as required by the faculty.
  6. Formal and timely application for graduation by the date specified by the University Registrar.
  7. No outstanding financial obligation to the University.

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