Academic Catalog 2009-2010 
    Mar 27, 2023  
Academic Catalog 2009-2010 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English Major

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The English major provides excellent pre-professional preparation to pursue careers in writing and journalism and for graduate study. The major offers students an opportunity to explore the various genres and rich heritage of English literature, to develop advanced skills in creative and expository writing, interpretation and literary criticism, listening, and oral communication, and to understand the history and structure of the English language.

Students interested in teaching English may earn an endorsement for Secondary Education Licensure Program: English  by completing the English major and the appropriate requirements of the School of Education.

The Bachelor of Arts in English requires completion of the following 128 credits:
General Education Core (57 credit hours)
Major Core (42 credit hours)
Electives (29 credit hours)

Please note: ENG 201 - Introduction to Literature  is not an option for English majors within the General Education Requirements.

General Education Requirements (57 credit hours)

Communication (12 credit hours)

Take each of the following four courses:

Arts and Humanities (9 credit hours)

Take one course from each of the following three academic disciplines:

Philosophy (3 credit hours)

Fine Arts (3 credit hours)

Choose one course from the following:

Integrative Studies (3 credit hours)

* Please see the First- Year Integration (FYI)  page for specific information about this required course.

Mathematics (3 credit hours)

Science (3 credit hours)

English Major Core (42 credit hours)

Core Electives (9 credit hours)

Choose 9 credit hours from the following courses:

Creative Writing Emphasis (optional within electives)- (12 credit hours)

The Creative Writing Emphasis is a unique opportunity for gifted students to develop writing skills in a flexible program of poetry and fiction.

Secondary Licensure in English

See the Secondary Education Licensure Program: English  section of this catalog for details on this program.

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