Academic Catalog 2016-2017 
    Oct 02, 2023  
Academic Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Employment Management Services

Employment Management Services (EMS) works with employers looking to recruit and select excellent job candidates for their business workforce. EMS works with employers twelve months a year to place students in both full and part time employment opportunities. Students are encouraged to seek employment and contribute to their education costs by working through college at screened and selected employers. Students of all majors are eligible to apply and enroll in the EMS JOBS course series. This enables a student to gain general work experience OR work in areas of interest to deepen their degree program.

Examples of work experience include:

  • General work assignments in industries requiring high staffing volume such as retail and customer service
  • Project management
  • Marketing support
  • Communications
  • Social media
  • Health care, including physical, mental and disabilities industries
  • Paralegal
  • Financial services

Successful students who enroll in the EMS JOBS course series may earn up to 24 semester hours of their college education in real life work experience. These credit hours may be earned in addition to their 120 credit hours in general education, major, and elective coursework, or the EMS JOBS course series may be used to replace elective credit requirements.

All students must have prior approval from EMS before enrolling in any JOBS course.  While employed and participating for academic credit, a student must maintain continual employment with a minimum of 225 hours for each semester enrolled in a JOBS course. All academic credit for work experience is granted on a pass/fail basis. EMS takes student performance very seriously and will remain engaged in the student’s work performance throughout the period of time the student is enrolled in the EMS JOBS course series.

EMS JOBS Course Series

The following courses are available to be taken for a total of 3 credit hours per semester. The correct course to take is correspondent to the semester and grade level in which the student is enrolling. For example, if a second semester junior is enrolling, the correct EMS JOBS course is JBS 350.