Academic Catalog 2016-2017 
    Jun 04, 2023  
Academic Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology Major (CUS)

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The Psychology major helps students integrate the Christian faith with current psychological perspectives. Classroom instruction introduces the expanding literature of theoretical and experimental psychology, while field experience enables students to understand, test, and apply psychological theories in real situations. Theories are evaluated from a Christian perspective, and application of psychological principles is encouraged to help students grow in their personal lives, interpersonal relationships, spiritual wellbeing, and professional competencies.

The Psychology major prepares students for careers in psychology and related fields. At the bachelor’s level, several job options exist for graduates in psychology, such as paraprofessionals in clinics and hospitals, case workers in social service, educational aides, and staff in church and parachurch ministries. Those intending to practice psychology professionally, however, will need graduate-level training toward the master’s degree or the doctorate. The undergraduate program develops a broad-based competency that creates a deeper understanding of human functioning and prepares students for graduate school. Elective courses allow students anticipating graduate training to take more foundational studies, while those planning to enter a vocation with the bachelor’s degree may take more applied courses.

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology requires completion of the following 120 credits:
General Education Core (57 credit hours)
Psychology Major Core (33 credit hours)
Electives (30 credit hours)

General Education Requirements (57 credit hours)

Biblical Studies (12 credit hours)

Take the following four courses (some courses are cross-listed and only one prefix needs to be taken):

Communication (12 credit hours)

Take each of the following four courses:

Arts and Humanities (9 credit hours)

Take one course from each of the following three academic disciplines:

Fine Arts (3 credit hours)

Choose one course from the following:

Philosophy (3 credit hours)

Integrative Studies (3 credit hours)

Please see the First- Year Integration (FYI)  page for specific information about this required course.

Psychology Major (33 credit hours)

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