Academic Catalog 2015-2016 (Addended) 
    Jan 29, 2023  
Academic Catalog 2015-2016 (Addended) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Special Education Generalist Licensure Program: B.A.Liberal Arts (CUS)

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As schools of the 21st century strive to increase performance of all students, they provide multiple tiers of research-based instruction and support to meet a variety of student needs. The special education generalist plays a critical role in providing instruction and support for students with disabilities across the tiers. Generalists are good problem solvers who ask questions, continually reflect on and adjust their practice, are committed to individualization, and believe all students can learn.

The role of the special education generalists in 21st century schools will be to:

  • Assess individuals to determine appropriate instruction and services,
  • Design individual programs to be implemented across tiers,
  • Provide targeted instruction for small groups and individuals,
  • Provide directed instruction in reading and math,
  • Teach learning strategies and social skills,
  • Plan and deliver differentiated instruction, including accommodations and modifications,
  • Support students in transition while meeting legal requirements,
  • Collaborate and consult with other adults to provide appropriate instruction and support.

This program is based on the belief that the heart of student learning is instruction, and the heart of special education is individualization. Thus, this program is designed to ensure that the generalist knows effective instruction and how to individualize to meet student needs.

The Liberal Arts Major with Special Education Generalist (ages 5-21) requires completion of 127 credit hours:
General Education (30 credit hours)
Liberal Arts Major Core (49 credit hours)
Special Education Generalist Professional Core (48 credit hours)

Liberal Arts Major with Special Education Generalist Ages 5-21

General Education Core (30 credit hours)

Communication (9 credit hours)

Arts and Humanities (3 credit hours)

IntegrativeStudies (3 credit hours)

Social Sciences (3 credit hours)

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