Academic Catalog 2015-2016 (Addended) 
    Jan 28, 2023  
Academic Catalog 2015-2016 (Addended) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Communication Major

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Communication students develop competencies in interpersonal communication, organizational communication, public speaking, critical thinking and argumentation, theory and research, and public relations and media.  The major is designed to offer students the opportunity to tailor their program to focus on interpersonal communication, organizational communication, journalism and mass media, or public speaking.  Students are taught to evaluate communication from a Christian perspective and incorporate tenets of faith in their communication.

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication prepares students for a variety of careers in for-profit and non-profit organizations, communication consulting, sales, marketing, event planning, ministry, law, education, journalism and media, as well as graduate work.

While an emphasis is not required for the communication major, it is an opportunity for students to participate in specialized coursework geared towards Interpersonal Communication, Organizational Communication, Journalism & Mass Media or Public Speaking.  There can be no overlap of credit between emphases.

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication requires completion of the following 120 credits:
General Education Core (57 credit hours)
Communication Core (33 credit hours)
Electives (30 credit hours)

General Education Requirements (57 credit hours)

Biblical Studies (12 credit hours)

Take the following four courses (some courses are cross-listed and only one prefix needs to be taken):

Communication (12 credit hours)

Take each of the following four courses:

Arts and Humanities (9 credit hours)

Take one course from each of the following three academic disciplines:

Fine Arts (3 credit hours)

Choose one course from the following:

Philosophy (3 credit hours)

Integrative Studies (3 credit hours)

Please see the First- Year Integration (FYI)  page for specific information about this required course.

Communication Major (33 credit hours)

Optional Communication Emphases

The Communication Electives requirement can be satisfied by completing one of the Communication Emphases listed below. None of these emphases are required for the major.

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