Academic Catalog 2022-2023 
    Jul 06, 2022  
Academic Catalog 2022-2023

CSL 514 - Counseling Practicum

(3) Provides counseling students with an initial experience in providing counseling services. The practicum course requires a minimum of 100 clock hours of documented contact; including indirect and direct service and supervision both onsite and in class. Supervision includes onsite supervision and class supervision facilitated by a faculty. Grade required to pass is a B for this class.

Prerequisites: CSL 620 CSL 621 , CSL 623 , CSL 645 , CSL 662 CSL 665 CSL 674 CSL 641  previous or concurrent. CSL 582  for online students only.  

M.A. Marriage and Family only: CSL 591 CSL 592 CSL 594 CSL 623 CSL 693 .

M.A. School Counseling only: CSL 620 CSL 621 CSL 645 CSL 662 CSL 665 CSL 674 .           
Notes: Courses required by the State of Colorado for Licensure.
Course fees apply.
When Offered
This course requires online students to attend weekly synchronous class meetings. The times and days of the meetings will be determined by the course instructor.