Academic Catalog 2015-2016 (Addended) 
    Mar 22, 2023  
Academic Catalog 2015-2016 (Addended) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MUE 102 - University Wind Ensemble

(1) The University Wind Ensemble is a select large ensemble oriented towards the performance of a wide range of music for modern symphonic band and wind ensemble, including transcriptions, standard wind literature, popular music, and sacred music for band. Believing that all creative and artistic expression is an echo of the Creator Himself, wind ensemble is an opportunity for students to grow in stewardship of God-given gifts and musical talents. Musical excellence and well-prepared performances are stressed. The University Wind Ensemble tours and records annually and presents multiple concerts each year.

Notes: May be repeated for credit.
Music ensemble fee.
When Offered
Fall and spring semesters.