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CUS Dual Degree Programs

Colorado Christian University offers CUS students dual degree program options, providing a path for students to earn a bachelor’s degree while also earning up to 12 hours of graduate credit as part of their undergraduate program. Completing credits in this manner provides a cost-effective opportunity for students to achieve career and educational goals.

Students who are accepted into a dual-degree program take may take graduate courses in their junior and senior years through the College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS). These courses satisfy requirements for the bachelor’s degree and a portion of the master’s degree. While the students are taking these graduate courses, they may take advantage of all traditional student service and student life activities, including sports participation, student government leadership, residence hall living, and mission opportunities.

Included in the bachelor’s degree course requirements are nine to twelve master’s level credit hours that satisfy both undergraduate and graduate degree requirements. Graduate credit does not fulfill general elective requirements and must meet specific program requirements.

CCU degree programs offered in this unique dual degree option are the following:

CUS students interested in the Dual Degree program must work with their academic advisor beginning in their freshman year to plan their course schedule and complete all bachelor’s degree requirements in the first three years. Prior to the end of their second year students will apply for the master’s degree program in CAGS, and take three to four graduate-level courses in their third year. These graduate-level credits fulfill bachelor’s degree requirements, and can also be used to fulfill the master’s degree requirements.