Academic Catalog 2009-2010 
    Nov 28, 2022  
Academic Catalog 2009-2010 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Services (CAGS)

Services for International Students and Third Culture Students

Before applying to CCU, non-native students desiring to study in the U.S. must have proper visas in place. Adult and Graduate non-native students who desire to study at one of CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies sites in Colorado must apply for a Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant (F-1 Visa) Student Status (Form I-20). Non-native students who wish to remain in their country and enroll in one of CCU’s online programs do not need to apply for Non-Immigrant Student Status. 

Students who are on an I-20 visa can apply for work one year after arrival. Two options exist: Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT). Non-native students who desire to study in Colorado may also apply for approved work visas including B1, H1, or L1.

All non-native students must submit the following before enrollment:

  • Transcripts from international educational institutions evaluated by a CCU recognized transcript evaluation service.
  • International students, whose native language is not English, must submit Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores.
  • International applicants will be required to submit additional information (for example: financial statement of support, original degree transcript, or original visa documentation).

Contact the Coordinator of Student Services in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies for assistance.

Services for Students with Disabilities

It is the policy of CCU to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Acts (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and state and local regulations regarding students and applicants with disabilities. Pursuant to these laws, no qualified individual with a disability shall unlawfully be denied access to or participation in services, programs or activities at the University. Students with a grievance should consult the College of Adult and Graduate Studies for instructions regarding how to file a complaint.

In carrying out this policy, CCU recognizes that disabilities include mobility, sensory, health, psychological, and learning disabilities, and will attempt to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals, to the extent that it is readily achievable to do so. CCU is unable, however, to make accommodations that are unduly burdensome or that fundamentally alter the nature of the program, service or activity.

Students with disabilities seeking a Certificate of Accommodations should consult with the College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS) Coordinator of Student Services prior to beginning their academic journey at CCU. Certificates of Accommodations are valid for one academic year, and must be renewed each year through the Coordinator of Student Services. It is the responsibility of the student to make his or her needs known in a timely manner and to provide the Coordinator of Student Services with required documentation.

The University makes admissions decisions using criteria that do not consider an individual’s disability. Thus, the University will not impose or apply admission or eligibility criteria that screen out or might screen out individuals based on their disability, unless such criteria are necessary for the provision of the program, service or activity being offered. Students with disabilities desiring to enroll in any program, service or activity at the University must be able to meet the minimum standards of the University and the chosen program. The University does not engage in any affirmative action programs for disabled students nor does it consider a student’s disability in evaluating admissions criteria. It is, of course, within the student’s discretion to inform the Admissions Office of a disability if they wish. If this choice is made, the University will not discriminate against the student on the basis of the disability and will make reasonable accommodations when necessary and appropriate.