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    Colorado Christian University
  Jul 22, 2017
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Academic Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Minor

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The Music Minor, as an addition to a major field of study, offers serious musical training for anyone passionate about music. The two semesters of music theory and the piano proficiency requirement are music cornerstones which enable the student to become effective musicians in a variety of settings, including ministry.

Students may earn a minor in the field by completing the following 23 credit hours provided none of the courses are required in the student’s major.

Required Courses (23 credit hours)

Students may earn a Music Minor by completing the following:

Primary Instrument Core (4 credit hours)

Each student will take 4 credit hours in the instrument on which they auditioned and have been accepted.

Additional Information

Those selecting the music minor must take MUS 110 - Musical Perspectives  (3) as part of the general education requirements.

MUS 111 - Basic Musicianship  (2) or a passing grade on the Music Theory Entrance Exam is a prerequisite for entrance into MUS 112 - Music Theory I  (3).

MUA 175 - Music Convocation  (0) is required for all music minors for four semesters.

Only one ensemble credit each semester counts toward the requirements for the minor.


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